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Ella Mai - Trip (Audio)

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Music video by Ella Mai performing Trip. © 2018 10 Summers Records, LLC
JOEY DJIA : Girl, I saw you on a flight and wanted to say congratulations. But then I knew it would trigger the plane all up in your business ... so I just sent you good energy through the air haha. Sending you love
Sonhador Rap Motivação : 2021 ❤️
DJ's Journey Through Life : British people have a special talent for hiding their accent when they are singing lol
thruscorpioneyes : This song sounds so good playing loud in your car where you can really feel the bass oh man
SirLockheed : I refuse to believe this song is 3 years old
Man we really are getting older without even realizing

릴러말즈(Leellamarz) - Trip 가사 Lyrics

sarah ad : this song is so good i love leellamarz
여우붉은 : 코로나가 잠깐이면 되는 줄 알았는데 전역하고 이제 1년이 되가는데도 달라지는게 없구나....
부대에서 이 노래 들으면서 설렜는데 ... 빨리 해외여행 가고 싶다.
zz Z : 언제 들어도 좋은 띵곡 ㅎㅎ
김준우 : 웬만한 아이돌보다 잘 부르는거 같음
소니C라 : 노래도 너무 좋고 힘있고 그루브있는 목소리까지.완벽그자체.

Conan's Trip To Germany | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

(Original airdate: 11/12/97) Conan goes to Germany to sightsee promote "Late Night" on the "Die Harald Schmidt Show."

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Conan's Trip To Germany | Late Night with Conan O’Brien
TheBaconMan : Playing Bavarian music over Cologne is like playing countrymusic over New York
꧁Jaikee꧂ : It's a secret German challenge: Stop laughing and pretent to be humourless when an American or Englisman is around. Once they are gone Germans burst out in laughter.
dimitreze : not his best trip, but he got better
Vincent Baron : I am a german and I am watching an american host with an american show who has been in germany to be a guest in a german talk show who is talking english but dubbed for germans to german dubbed back to english for the original show so I have to translate all for myself into german. What an inception.
weisthor0815 : bavarian music (edit: bavarian sounding) in cologne and calling the city medieval ... well, he is american after all.




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