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Why Uggs Are A Waste Of Money - (CUT IN HALF)

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Ugg Classic Short Ii Boots Review - There are plenty of Uggs review out there but no one has ever cut one in half to see what’s inside so today I cut apart the most popular uggs to see why they are so expensive. I also cover some interesting facts about the wool in uggs because a lot of people as are uggs real leather? and are uggs real wool? Uggs are one the most popular fall boots especially for women but a lot of men have been wearing them lately too so now it’t time to find out the truth about uggs.



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0:00 Intro
0:29 Hone
1:51 Boot Info
2:09 Upper
2:41 Shearling
3:17 Sheepskin Facts
4:09 Lining
4:16 Construction
4:23 Outsole
4:43 Fit/Feel/Look
5:08 Cut
6:38 Analysis

#uggs #ugg
ShreddyGnarGnar : I’d love to see an Ugg alternative shootout.
Shaquava Hollington : “UGG Made in Australia”is an actual brand fighting out the corporate giant “Ugg” - owned by Deckers. It’s double the price but currently on sale to help pay for legal fees.
Alaiya : as an australian it pains me every time i see people overseas wearing uggs outside. especially in snow or rain. they're way too fragile for that. we use australian made uggs as indoor house slippers in winter, they'll last forever.
Deborah Mutton : Ugg Australia are in court fighting for the right to use the name ugg, which they have used since the 1970s. Their ugg boots are unsurpassed in quality and workmanship and are 100% Australian made. Support this amazing small business from going bankrupt.
Leanna C : I worked in a store that sold strictly Ugg products back in the early 80s. Back then they came from Australia & were only $50 for the tall ones. They were so much better back then!

ugg season

here’s the recipe for the pumpkin almond chocolate blondies (these are perfect for those of you who have stomach issues like me LOL)
- 1 cup almond flour 
- 1 ½ tablespoons gluten free oat flour 
- ½ teaspoon baking soda
- 1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
- 1 ½ teaspoons ground cinnamon
- ½ teaspoon salt
- ⅔ cup maple syrup
- ½ cup almond butter
- ½ cup canned pumpkin puree
- ¼ cup coconut oil
- 2 eggs
- ⅔ cup dark chocolate chips
- brown sugar for garnish (very optional and literally didn’t do anything LOL)
1. mix maple syrup, almond butter, pumpkin, coconut oil, and eggs in one bowl.
2. mix almond flour, oat flour, spices, baking soda, and salt together in another bowl.
3. slowly add the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, whisk until fully combined. once fully combined, fold in chocolate chips. add brown sugar to the top if you are feeling random.
4. put in 8x8 pan lined with parchment paper and sprayed with cooking oil, bake for 35 minutes-ish
recipe was inspired by @coconutsandkettlebells

chamberlain coffee:
tiktok: @chamberlaincoffee

ur mom : Even though Emma has no idea I exist I feel like I can trust her. She’s literally my comfort person.
oliviaalee : emma should try making a herb garden (or herb micro garden), its alot easier to clip herbs from plants instead of buying new ones!!!
han1a : i can't get over how realistic emma is compared to other youtubers.
Damon Dominique : all i want for christmas is an emma chamberlain meal
Paige Marshall : I like how she talks to us like we're a person and not just a huge audience, yk?

Stain-resistant UGG boots

We tested the new UGG Classic II boots that are supposedly stain-resistant and water-resistant.
Gypsy Rose : Great video! WoW! Now, the two of you really put the UGGs through a major test! The outcome was phenomenal! I love my UGGs!❤️ Thank you for sharing.
Martin Soendergaard-Jensen : Finally! My nonfat pumpkin spice mocha soy latte with no whip cream and extra pumpkin won't stain my designer Ugg boots!
FLUFFYKNUCKLES : It's a DWR coating... like any other water repellent it will need to be reapplied or it will lose efficacy.
j e n : finally my ugg boots won’t get ruined by my sugar free nonfat extra iced stevia green tea pumpkin infused venti mocha!
Callie : Am I the only one that cried when I saw him with the ketchup and hot sauce? I was screaming Noooooo!
Please don't disrespect Ugg like that! I think I even shed a tear.




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