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Upgrading an Old HP xw8400 Workstation from 2006....is it worth it?

We all have an old PC kicking around and sometimes you wonder if it's worth upgrading or not! I have an HP xw8400 Workstation, which was a top of the line machine back in the day...well, 2006 to be exact! I wanted to see how this dual Intel Xeon processor cpu workstation would perform when upgraded with a ton of RAM and impressive nvidia Quadro 5000 video card. (Again, incredibly expensive and powerful equipment 11 years ago!)

How's something like that perform under a modern operating system like Windows 10 Home? Or upgrading to Windows 10 Professional?

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Windows 7 ULTIMATE on dual OS HP xw8600 Workstation

OS choosing on boot of mine xw8600 Workstation.

As a proof I will start not to Snow Leopard but will choose and start Windows 7 Ultimate.

Also I will open the win x32 and x64 Windows 7 Ultimate DVD box set.

I've used this solution for my xw8600: http://myhack.sojugarden.com/guide/

But found that not every version will work correct.
If you want, this is mine files:

But keep in mind, that I've installed Snow Leopard 2 years ago and have no idea how to instal Mountain Lion on PC hardware because now I am with Macbook Pro...

One more thing - you must switch OFF your RAID.
Pamana : hi there - do you have, or know, of a good tutorial to dual boot like yours? I have an 8600 also. cheers
macross9321 : could you make a guide for your OSX install on the XW8600
The Messenger : I Have The HP xw8600 Workstation Dual Xeon E5405 Quad-Core 2.0GHz 16GB 2x80GB DVD±RW Quadro FX 1700 Vista Business w/RAID Is This Good For Music Recording and how do i get it to Boot Like Yours??? PLEASE HELP WITH MY QUESTIONS

cgillyard : I having a problem with the onboard NICs. The rapid share links don't work when you click on the hyper link. Did you create your own kexts for the machine and where can I find them? Thanks.
zanozzagmailcom : Check my updated description

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