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Grand Prince hotel new takanawa tokyo

check in at Grand Prince hotel new takanawa tokyo Part 2 of my previous vlog.enjoy watching guys ,subscribe and share Japinay gilry .thanks a lot.
thinz sweetlife : Very cool ..good ambience..have a nice relaxing day

GRAND PRINCE HOTEL NEW TAKANAWA .0ne of my favorites hotel in TOKYO JAPAN グランドプリンスホテル新高輪

GRAND PRINCE HOTEL NEW TAKANAWA .0ne of my favorites hotel in TOKYO JAPAN.
This hotel is located near the Shinagawa station. It's about 10 mins to walk up hill from the station to the hotel and 5 mins to walk down hill to the station. But in case you did too much shopping they have a shuttle from the station to the hotel and all the other Prince hotels too. The hallways to the room are so long! It's like a mile long so you can get your work out from just walking the hallways. I like how there is a 7 Eleven within the hotel, so you don't have to go outside and you can just grab food if you are hungry. My issue here was honestly just the bell boy, the one that brings your luggage up to the room, boy did he have attitude. He acted like he didn't even want to do this job. My advice for him if he reads this, find something else! It kind of ruined my whole stay in this hotel.
Good hotel next to the train station. Very large hotel, great Japanese breakfast, very traditional and nice. The exercise room is small but not heavily used, so its fine. The rooms are super quiet and very nicely appointed. It's a good choice for Tokyo that you can go from there to anywhere by Train.

Tour of a luxury Japanese ryokan at Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Hanakohro - Shinigawa, Tokyo

The Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Hanakohro is absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend staying here for a night or two if you can. The rooms are spectacular. The rooms have very nice looking Japanese yukata, tea and mini snacks in the room and lots of really nice amenities. The beds were just amazing and the the comfort level was through the roof. We stayed here on 8 July 2019.

It was definitely a luxury stay from start to finish. We got our own special checkin area away from everyone else. When we checked-in, we were welcomed with sweets, tea and an introduction to the hotel and had a kind attendant explain everything. We had access to all the hotel lounges, not just at Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Hanakohro, We had access to the Sakura, New Takanawa, normal Takanawa plus Takanawa Hanakohro. We felt special since we had the extra lounge access that other guests didn't have. We had a great time lounge hopping. By far the best lounge for sweets was Takanawa Hanakohro's one, macarons, toffees, Japanese sweets, etc.

You also get access to the Whirlpool Spa in Sakura, the Diamond Pool and Rooftop pool at New Takanawa and the gym at Sakura. There are two massage chairs in Sakura, but they are usually occupied.

It was a great stay. Make sure you catch the shuttle from Shinagawa Station, West Exit. The bus stops where all the taxis line up at the station. The bus arrives every 20 mins. Basically XX:00, XX:20 and XX:40. The signage on the bus is what you need to lookout for.

You can get more about about my stay here:

Definitely a 5 out of 5 stay.

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