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Welcome to my channel, I am so glad you are here! Today, I am reviewing my Ikea Ektorp couch. I will walk you through and let you know what I like and dislike about them. I am giving an honest review and will let you know if we would purchase this couch set again. Some upcoming videos will be cleaning and updating the trim in our house. The trim update will be a DIY! We are in the process of updating our home, so I hope you will follow along. I put out one to two videos weekly. I would love you to follow along on my channel and subscribe. If you are already subscribed, welcome back! I hope you enjoy this video!

Instagram: @comfortofmyhome

Camera: Canon G7X
Cameron Heinz : It has a 10 year warranty. I’ve had my for like 12 years. It looks fantastic. You need to call Ikea.
Shinomiya's Duel Links : We have ours since a yea and halt too. I really regret buying it. It is a couch meant for when guests come to drink a coffee. But not for sitting laying too long on it.
You said you won't sink in, but we do sink in. Between the cushions, because somehow even if you sit in the middle, you will slip to the corners (of the cushions), and sink in between.

I find it it too low. I noticed it because of my blood pressure, and when I Want to drink. I am 1,62 m high, So, for small people, it is too low. In my opinion. 10 cm higher would be perfect.
At the beginning, the cushions were hard enough, but by time the become too soft, which also is one cause of the sinking in. I loved the fact that we can wash the covers, but after washing it once, I noticed they shrunk too much, and broke 2 times my nails when I tried to put the cushion in it's cover. Even though I have very short nails... The problem is that when things are sewed, the fabric isn't washed. But when you was fabrics for the first times, it will always shrink a bit. So, by sewing tights covers, fitting the cushions in, is a nightmare. Don't let me start with the ironing... you need to iron the covers. Those for the cushions are fine, but the one for the sofa? HELL. I find also very very crazy that the covers costs as much as the sofas, or even more... The couch looks grate, but that's it. I wouldn't buy it ever again.
Jac B : I'd email IKEA if you haven't already done so. In my experience with them they do have excellent customer service. I owned the Ektorp sectional and ottoman for 2 years but sold them when we redecorated our living room this spring. Nothing wrong with them, just was going for a different look. When it was time to update our family room (recently) I got the love seat and the chair. No problems. That's too bad you've had this experience. The only bad experience I have had is the chair cover seems to be shorter at the hem. I may get another cover at some point since it's only $29. Still don't want to 'waste' $29 on something I already own... Good luck!
My Kitchen Corner : Thank you for being honest. I want to purchase the slipcovers for my sofas that aren't from Ikea and was looking around for reviews. New subbie here. Christina
Jane Maher : I bought my couch 4-5 years ago and is beautiful. I bought the love seat last year and it us just as fabulous. Sorry that yours did not work out for you. I hope to buy the chair in a year or so.

IKEA EKTORP Sofa and Chaise Assembly Instructions

"Watch this IKEA assembly video and learn how to build the IKEA EKTORP Sofa with the Chaise Lounge. With detailed instructions this video can help guide you through the EKTORP Sofa assembly. You can customize this couch to meet your needs or preference by placing the chaise on the left side, right side or even in the center of the sofa. And, with a wide range of slipcovers you can find the right cover to complement your style and decor.

Find the IKEA EKTORP Sofa with the Chaise Lounge print assembly instructions here: http://goo.gl/17Bf0

Need assembly help? You can do it yourself, but you don't have to! Check out our IKEA services: http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_US/customer_service/ikea_services/ikea_services.html"
Davinia : Im so getting this next weekend. ♥ it
KSFBunny : Some of the covers for this now come with the chaise cover attached to the chaise cushion cover.
khouloud aouaini : You may want to check out the 3D manual and video that helps you assemble the Ikea Ektorp Sofa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOlSfl6YPu8
Itzayana Rodriguez : I’m excited about making the purchase. I have a question about the cushions, dose ikea sell extra cushions in case of a major damage? I know you sell extra slip cover and I love that!
Just Maddie : Question. I have the 3 seat regular sofa and wanted to know if it’s possible to combine with the chaise?


Hey guys! Thanks so much for visiting my channel!

Check Out This Couch in White!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPO22y1vmQY

In this video I unbox, assemble and review the newest Ektorp couch! The 3.5! I love this couch and I think anyone would love it as it's nice and roomy and extremely comfortable! Mine is in the color Lofallet beige.
Link to This Ikea Couch: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S29250404/
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kdunford89 : Love this couch! I'm actually thinking of buying 2 of them for my living room. How many people can you fit on it at a time without being squished? Can it fit 3 people comfortably? Also, PLEASE tell me what the colour name and brand of paint is that's on your wall behind your couch in this video. It's gorgeous!
Milena García : El diseño, el color y el tamaño son perfectos. Lo puedes combinar con todo, excelente compra. FELICITACIONES!!!
L Fuentes : Hello! Thanks for your review. Question, what size are the seat cushions? I'm trying to find something comparable to my existing couch.
Veronnica Watson : So cute! I think for the big gray square pillow cover, the stripped portion on the inside actually goes over the pillow inset to cover it. I have the beige one and that's how mine works. ;)
Christopher Keller : Love the review! The kids are adorable. Haha




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