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CRP-BHSS0609F: Increasing GABA Mode Time

Here is a short tutorial of how to increase the time for GABA Mode!

Unboxing My Cuckoo Rice Cooker! - ItsJJsLife VLog

#Cuckoo #CuckooRiceCooker #RiceCooker

My sister gifted me a brand new Cuckoo Rice Cooker (thank you!) and now I can't imagine going back to not having one!
In celebration of a brand new rice cooker, I made some side dishes + fish cake soup to go along with some rice!

Cuckoo CRP-P1009S Rice Cooker:
Paul C. Ha : I think you have to press the Glutin Turbo button twice to actually make it do Turbo speed. Pressing it the first time just starts the normal Glutin Rice cooking mode.
Maggie Xu : I love your voice.
Brent Beatty : I would like to learn Korean if I can
Brent Beatty : Cute dog
laura alessandrini : HE is adorable is he a Frenchi ?


Find out more about Cuckoo Rice Cooker.\u0026linkCode=df0\u0026hvadid=167141308073\u0026hvpos=\u0026hvnetw=g\u0026hvrand=10440827418102703273\u0026hvpone=\u0026hvptwo=\u0026hvqmt=\u0026hvdev=c\u0026hvdvcmdl=\u0026hvlocint=\u0026hvlocphy=9061128\u0026hvtargid=pla-301890830845\u0026psc=1

How to set up voice guide in English -

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contact me :
Adelowo Babatunde : Arrived today as I was planning a Chinese stir-fry meal. Works great right out of the box MyBest.Kitchen Rice turned out perfectly with no scorching. Will definitely reccomed this to all of my friends.
Moje's kitchen : Haven't own this yet, but heard a lot of unboxing & reviews, looks convenient & handy. You guys are having fun while handling it. Have a great day you both.
Jay Yoo : Very nice rice cooker. Must have for a rice lover.
papashog : you two are a good team., and that cooker is very smart because it is talking
papashog : I really do love that cooker.




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