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Do You Dread Doing Your Taxes? Watch This!

Do You Dread Doing Your Taxes? Watch This!
File your taxes the Ramsey way, online or with a trusted pro!
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SR DJR : Dave gives a kit of great advice, but always remember...he has financial interest in selling you stuff.
Alexander Webster : I look forward to doing my taxes every year. I’m what’s known as a “super-nerd”. It’s almost like a game seeing how close I can get to a $0 refund/bill. Anything less than $100 in either direction is a win in my book.
Brianna Glenn : I am a junior in college and I only work in the summer. I just signed up and filled out everything to file using Dave's SmartTax. While it was very easy to use, it does NOT cost $17 to file. It was trying to charge me $50. That may not be bad for some people, but as a college student who barely is getting a refund, $50 is over a 3rd of my return total. This is completely out of my monthly budget. I'll stick to using other websites...

Also, Dave, if you're reading this, please consider a student discount/waiver. Thank you!
Rachael Tapp : I tried your tax service and didn’t get stumped once. Thank you, Ramsey and affiliates, for your concise assistance!
Patrick Sanden : If anything, the Ramsey team is good at marketing and that’s all I gotta say about that.

Smart Tax Strategies for Every Life Stage

While we all recognize the need to pay our fair share of tax in BC, there's no need to pay more than necessary. These tips can help you plan ahead and minimize your taxes.


It’s our belief that wealth and the ability to manage it effectively requires knowledge, expertise and, at a minimum, needs to incorporate that which threatens to destroy it the most: taxation.

While that simple word can be temporarily ignored during the accumulation stage of wealth, it unfortunately becomes something that can dramatically erode your hard- earned savings in the distribution and transfer phases of wealth.

Wealth inequality and the lack of understanding about the complex area of taxation are two of the biggest factors that cause not an increase in multi-generational wealth but instead result in successive generations left to start recreating the wheel and figuring out how to claim their rightful share of the American dream.

We believe that share should include not only understanding taxation but designing, constructing and implementing a plan for your wealth in which you strategically choose the path to the 0% tax bracket to pay your fair share of taxes, but not a penny more.

We cordially invite you to start your journey to tax-free wealth.





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